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Can cell phone radiation cause cancer? Yes, says NTP rat study

Source: NIEHSThe National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concluded there is clear evidence that male rats exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation (RFR) like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones developed cancerous heart tumors, according to final reports released today. There was also some evidence of tumors in the brain and adrenal glands of the exposed male rats."The original objective of the study was to test the assumption that nonionizing radiation - which radiofrequency radiation is - could not cause adverse health effects because it did not have enough energy [...]

Film: Ubiquity, what does it take to disconnect?

Watch it on Uitzending Gemist (Partly in Dutch)Source: Baldr Film (with trailer) - Translated by JRSThe internet is closing ever more around us, with the ultimate goal of reaching everyone, anywhere, anytime. But some people cannot tolerate the radiation from wireless networks and feel the invisible pulses in their bodies. The brilliant Swedish engineer Per Segerback was at the cradle of Ericsson's smartphone. Now he has been living in the woods for 18 years, because he fell ill from the radiation. Asaka in Japan and Anouk in the Netherlands also suffer from the radiation from the invisible network of cell [...]

How cell phone radiation and wifi can harm you – written by a physicist whose own health was damaged

"Saying that RF radiation from wireless communication cannot do any harm because it is non ionising - the individual photon energy is not large enough - is the same as saying that a tsunami cannot cause any harm because the individual water molecules don’t have enough energy."Leendert Vriens, PhD - PhysicistPhysicist Leendert Vriens, PhD, who worked for 30 years at Philips Natlab, the world renowned physics research laboratory, explains how radio frequency radiation from wireless devices can harm your health.Weak electromagnetic fields from high voltage lines, domestic appliances, and radio-frequency radiation from wireless communication devices can induce biological [...]

Health problems due to LeafNut smart street light system in England

An interesting article in the Daily Mail. People living in the vicinity of new street lights report health complaints such as nosebleeds and miscarriages.An antenna is clearly visible on the street lamps. An IEEE engineer living there has measured electromagnetic radiation at 868MHz and attributes it to 5G. However, the Council says that there is no 5G in the lanterns.According to the information provided by, the article is misinformed and the reality of the situation is that this is the LeafNut central lamp management system, supplied by Harvard Technology of Leeds, under a contract of £6 million. LeafNut [...]

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation

The disinformation campaign—and massive radiation increase—behind the 5G rollout.Great investigative article published in The Nation. -JRSBy Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie. Source: TheNation.comThings didn’t end well between George Carlo and Tom Wheeler; the last time the two met face-to-face, Wheeler had security guards escort Carlo off the premises. As president of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA), Wheeler was the wireless industry’s point man in Washington. Carlo was the scientist handpicked by Wheeler to defuse a public-relations crisis that threatened to strangle his infant industry in its crib. This was back in 1993, when there were only six [...]

Radiation 5G antennas restricted: uncertainty about danger to public health

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering national restrictions on the radiation emitted by transmission masts. The roll-out of 5G is expected to result in a proliferation of antennas, including in lampposts and bus shelters. This may pose a risk to public health.Source: Algemeen Dagblad, Peter Winterman. Translated from Dutch by JRS."5G can operate at a higher frequency. That means more capacity, but the range of an antenna is shorter. As a result, many more small transmitters will be needed, which will appear everywhere in the streetscape" Spokesperson for the Ministry of Economic AffairsA document from the Ministry [...]

Michigan Senator Testifies on Health Risks of 5G

Source: EHTrustIn a spectacular speech, Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton of  Michigan USA testifies on 5G Small Cells and the Internet of things. He is urging lawmakers to vote no on 5G small cell streamlining bills.In this testimony the Senator shares information from the Bioinitiative Report, electrosensitivity,  the health risks of 5G and the concerns about millimeter waves. He stresses that children are more vulnerable and has strong concerns about Wi-Fi in schools, the problems with FCC limits and much more.See also U.S. senator Blumenthal raises concerns on 5G wireless technology's potential health risksFCC: Captured Agency

Book: The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs

A great new book has been published called The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs - How to fix our stupid use of technology.This delightfully written and well researched book is about one of the most important health threats of the 21st century: electromagnetic fields or EMFs. With ever increasing exposure as new technologies are rolled out, the end is nowhere near in sight.In a highly sincere way, writer Nicolas Pineault presents the science, the safety standards, and most importantly gives practical advice about what you can do to protect yourself and the ones you love.This work is based on more [...]

Nicosia Declaration on Electromagnetic Fields and Radiofrequencies, November 2017

The Cyprus Medical Association, the Vienna Austrian Medical Chamber  and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health have signed the Nicosia Declaration  on electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation and have issued a Common Position Paper and 16 practical rules to educate people and reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless radiation.These practical steps are based on the existing rules published annually by the Medical Chamber of Vienna/Austria, the rules published by the Cyprus Committee on Environment and Children’s Health and the recent Reykjavik appeal 2017.Source: 

10 tips to reduce electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone and wifi

Today, many new wireless technologies are used in homes. Scientific research shows that radiation from wifi and mobile phones pose health risks. Therefore it is wise to minimize radiation exposure.Below are 10 tips for reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation:1. Preferably use a hardwired Internet connection and wired telephone.2. Use your smartphone as little as possible and when calling use the speakerphone or use air-tube earphones. Airtube headsets avoid directing radiation toward the head via metal wires. Have your calls diverted to your landline when you are at home, so you can turn off your mobile phone without missing [...]