I can connect to the Eco-wifi network but cannot get on the internet

This is a rare problem that occurs in some cases during installation. How to recognize this problem? Connect with the eco-wifi network, either hardwired through one of the LAN ports of the eco-wifi, or wireless, then type in the address bar of your browser, log in (standard username ‘root’, password ‘ecowifi!’) and click on ‘Status’. The screen shows ‘WAN – Status Renewing… ‘ like this:

This means that there is a cable connected to the WAN port, but the internet modem fails to provide an IP address to the eco-wifi router.

Solution 1: Your internet modem may be configured in so-called Bridge Mode. Whatever router or other device you connect to its LAN port is directly connected to the provider’s network. Often only one unique device (MAC adress) is allowed to be connected to the provider’s network. When this place has been taken by by the previous setup, the network needs to be reset.

Try to turn off your internet modem for a full five minutes. Then turn back on and reconnect the eco-wifi router to LAN port 1 of your internet modem. You may also contact your internet provider’s customer service for assistance.

Solution 2: Alternatively you may need to check whether the connection between the eco-wifi router and the internet modem is properly made. The ethernet cable should run to a port labelled ‘LAN’ on the internet modem, preferably port no. 1.

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