WooCommerce Review #11253

1. Reason: I have the idea that when I work all day with my laptop using the wifi I am completely exhausted in the evening. That’s why I switched to using a hardwired connection as much as possible. This made me think further about the wifi that is constantly radiating at home. That’s why I went looking for a router that emits less radiation and can be switched off at night. (My daughter of 10 sleeps 50 cm above the router, 1 floor higher up)
2. How was your experience with the JRS Eco-Wifi? Easy to install: concise, information packed manual. The only drawback I found was, that if you configure the router as a switch, the timer function in the router did not work anymore. Jan-Rutger gave me a workaround to set the system time manually and now it works perfectly. The only disadvantage is that if the power goes off you need to set the time again.
3. My experience with the service is very good. I was assisted 2 times by email to fix the settings.
4. To whom would you recommend the JRS Eco-Wifi? Everyone who is sensitive to wifi (consciously or unconsciously = basically everyone)
How many stars would you give for the JRS Eco-wifi? (On a scale of 1 being bad to 5 being good) 4
How many stars would you give for the service? (On a scale of 1 being bad to 5 being good) 5