WooCommerce Review #20223

I purchased this router because I was practically unable to hook my computer up to ethernet Internet. This is by far the next best thing. It works beautifully.

I would strongly recommend hiring an IT guy to install it. Because of the existing Verizon router, it was not as easy as it sounds and the IT guy ran into a few snags as well so it was money well spent – unless you’re an IT guy.
The real joy of this is not having to turn the router off at night. I damaged my knee recently and was unable to get up and down the stairs with ease so it was really nice not to have to deal with that.
And I am learning to work off line… Something I had never learned how to do. So I go online just long enough to download everything I need, put the computer in airplane mode and work away without all that microwave radiation. Very nice.
Oh yes! I got it in white and it is very pretty.