WooCommerce Review #22336

1. How is your experience with the JRS Eco 100 router?
I must say that I am a bit disappointed because the routersoftware has some errors as it has not been sufficiently tested. For instance the router sometime avoid full eco mode because it thinks one device is online even when the device is fully turned off. Then you need to turn the router off and on again or connect the device again and disconnect it afterwards to make the router go to full eco stand by. If you don’t know that it can happen that the router gives radiation the whole night because it thinks some device is connected.
Even in full eco stand by mode the router emits radiation even when it supposed to give zero emmission.
But I am also happy with some features that works well. For instance I put the beacon interval to 3000 which worked perfect when the devices were already registred in the router.
All in all I think the JRS is a good option if you really need wifi.
2. What was your motivation to buy it?
I bought it and gave it to my neigbor because I don’t need wifi myself. I have EHS and want to reduce the wifi-radiation from around me.
3. To whom would you recommend it?
I would recommend it to someone who has a bit technical skills and can afford it. I think it is expensive.

–> JRS: Thank you for your comments. They contain a few worrying remarks. I believe the problem you mention must have a logical explanation rather than bugs in the firmware as you say. Measured radiation when 2.4 and 5 GHz leds are off is zero. Here are a number of things to check. It would be great if you could let me know some more details on the issue so we can work together to solve it. Most likely, wifi is still active on one of your neighbor’s devices, and this is keeping the router awake. You can follow the procedure in our FAQ to resolve the issue:

Troubleshooting: The router does not go into Full Eco standby mode. What can I do? [Eco 100]