WooCommerce Review #25600

The software slowed down the internet speed past the point of usability (for me at least). I have to stream and download quite a bit of video files for my job and when I made the switch it disrupted my workflow. I tested the router before placing the JRS Firmware on the device and it was super fast. I’m sure this won’t be a problem for most people but for me it was unworkable. Another thing was to return the device required using DHL/UPS/FEDEX level service which would have been very expensive (relative to the cost of the device). I understand the need for that service and the fact that I’m in the US and the company is in the Netherlands is the driver and it all makes sense. But for me I just ended up paying an extra (what $150?) for firmware that I can’t use. Not a critique of the company I knew this was a risk going in, it just didn’t work out for me.

-> JRS: I’m sorry to read about your issues with the router. There is a resolution for the problem. When other wifi networks are in the area, for example neighboring wireless routers or other wireless systems working on the same wifi frequency as the Eco-wifi router, including Bluetooth, interference may occur which causes these problems. Also if the built-in wifi of your Internet modem is not turned off, and that includes the public wifi network or wifi-spots it may be transmitting, these can interfere heavily with the Eco-wifi signal. The procedure to resolve this, is to set the Eco router to another channel. It is explained in our FAQ article https://www.jrseco.com/faqs/troubleshooting-my-devices-cannot-find-the-eco-wifi-network-connection-keeps-dropping-or-is-slow-eco-100/

If that still doesn’t help you to resolve the issue, we can offer you a screen sharing session to assist in making the proper router settings. As far as the costs for the return shipment are concerned, this has now been solved, as we have recently started offering prepaid DHL return labels.