WooCommerce Review #27787

I was always aware of EMFs and tried to reduce my exposure to them. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and am currently treating that and consider mitigating EMFs absolutely essential. The JRS Eco Router is part of that plan. Using my EMF reader revealed the accuracy of all JRS technical claims. Simply using the built-in timer to shut off the wifi at 10p and wake it up at 7a is brilliant. Standby mode is useful, though my Apple devices do require the invisible network connection to wake it up. No problem. And with the user interface, I set the beacon pulse quite a bit below even the JRS suggested level, selected my own band, restricted the network to 2.4 ghz and was able to lessen the range by 75% to cover my 1300sqft apartment in Los Angeles, CA. My EMF reader confirms all of their technical claims and makes my home, even when wifi is being used, a much quieter place to be.

My dream improvement would be for the manufacturer to have a US outlet option. They send an adapter, which works for all voltages, but the way it’s designed, the adapter is quite long, then plugging the euro adapter into it creates a situation where the weight is not supported and the plug essentially pulls itself out of the wall and the entire unit powers down. Occasionally. Like twice/month, so this is workable. For the future, a us power adapter would solve this issue. And that’s the only dream I have – I am a big fan.

>JRS: You can get an Asus ADP-33AW adapter or a compatible 19 volt (19V) adapter. If you get the latter, make sure it can handle at least 1.75 amps (1.75A) and has a connector size of 4.0mm diameter x 1.35mm hole, with positive tip polarity.