WooCommerce Review #29013

First, I appreciate and grateful for the developer(s) for making the firmware only version available. This is a huge upgrade to my older Asus RT-AC68U, which I bought a year ago as slightly-used router.

It took almost a day for me to get the download of the firmware, which is reasonable. Installed it as soon as I received the download link. The process all went smooth, and I was able to set up everything in less than half an hour. Then I went to testing the speed for various settings in the JRS Eco settings page.

I’m amazed by the amount of settings you can play with in the JRS Eco settings page. But I think the most important among the settings are the beacon and power level settings. I have set my RT-AC68U to the lowest possible power level available, which is 4mW and it still provides enough transmission power for all the family members. We live in a relatively small house, so having set that lowest power is not really an issue, but of benefit instead.

On the other hand, I set the beacon interval to 2000 without degrading speed and performance for our purposes. I may experiment with other settings until I can find the best possible value without degradation in speed and performance.

Right now, my RT-AC68U is set to JRS Full Eco mode, which is working fantastically. With all these settings and selecting the proper channel and channel bandwidth, we are able to enjoy the convenience of wifi again. Before the installation of JRS Eco firmware, we were all wired including all the smartphones, but it is cumbersome due to cables and usb-c adapters we were using.

When I get the RF meter, I will test my setup and possibly update this review when possible.

Again, I’m thankful and grateful to the developers for making the firmware available. It’s a huge savings for those who have the router already.

Thank you!