WooCommerce reviews of ‘Firmware only: Full Eco JRS Eco 100 Wifi’ Reviews

WooCommerce Review #29013

First, I appreciate and grateful for the developer(s) for making the firmware only version available. This is a huge upgrade to my older Asus RT-AC68U, which I bought a year ago as slightly-used router. It took almost a day for me to get the download of the firmware, which is reasonable. Installed it as soon as I received the download link. The process all went smooth, and I was able to set up everything in less than half an hour. Then I went to testing the speed for various settings in the JRS Eco settings page. I'm amazed by the amount...

WooCommerce Review #25188

The firmware install and configuration worked perfectly thanks to the quality of the software and the comprehensive and well written manual. I have reduced my wifi to a single 2.4GHz hidden network and removed all 5GHz networks (visible and hidden), set the transmitter power to the minimum 4mW and set a beacon interval of every two seconds. Even with these low settings wifi performance is fine and my EMF meter shows the RF levels to be far lower than with my previous regular wifi router. The wifi on/off scheduling and the full Eco mode also seem to work perfectly....

WooCommerce Review #24252

After installing the firmware, I can feel the difference 'in the air'. I'm assured of that the WiFi will only turn on when a device searches for a signal. And even so, I can feel a much reduced pulse from the router. Thsnk you for offering the firmware download. It saves me the hassle of dealing with restrictive Customs regulations when bringing in electricsl devices.