'Full Eco JRS Eco 100 Wifi D1 on Asus' Reviews

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Setup was fairly straightforward and I really like the admin control panel. I purchased this for the low EMF properties.

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After some starting problems, the JRS Eco-Wifi D1 worked perfectly in AP mode. Jan-Rutger Schrader was very helpful in answering my questions about the installation. Because this router will most often be used in combination with a modem, I would recommend putting the JRS100 in AP mode during installation, so that no problems can arise due to conflicting IP adresses, which happened when I installed the router.

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My research into the health impact of radiation led me to look for ways to reduce my family's exposure to radiation without going too extreme and completely removing WiFi from our home. The software on this router reduces our radiation while we are sleeping and when we are around the house but not using the WiFi. Even when we are using the WiFi, it still reduces how much our bodies are being pinged by the WiFi. Our apartment is about 1,000 square feet and we have the router mounted about 4 feet off the floor on the wall directly...

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The software slowed down the internet speed past the point of usability (for me at least). I have to stream and download quite a bit of video files for my job and when I made the switch it disrupted my workflow. I tested the router before placing the JRS Firmware on the device and it was super fast. I'm sure this won't be a problem for most people but for me it was unworkable. Another thing was to return the device required using DHL/UPS/FEDEX level service which would have been very expensive (relative to the cost of the device)....

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I brought our very strong router (I did not know at the time if was effecting me ands was so strong) from our quite large house to our new smaller house. I wasn't feel well for years and was trying to figure it out, always researching. Then I investigated 5G and got an education on wifi radiation. I was always saying I felt like my brain was being fried, and I was always exhausted. Long story short. Found this router online, easy setup, great settings, dialled it down to lowest and hard wired what I could. I am...

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I bought this router to reduce radiation in my home and gain more control over the coverage of Wi-Fi. This router is a very high-quality ASUS router with firmware that grants you control over when Wi-Fi is on, how strong the signal is, and dramatically reduces radiation in the home. Installation and configuration was fairly straightforward. I had a few questions which were answered very quickly and effectively. Now my router is configured it exactly as I want it. The fact that I can turn any device on and hit the Wi-Fi button then have Wi-Fi automatically come on,...