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I really like it and I would recommend it to everyone! The set up is intense. I had to get someone extra tech savvy and patient to help me because of having to run it through the modem from the web provider and turn off the Wi-Fi etc. Once it was set up I absolutely love the product! It works wonderfully! I highly recommend it. It’s really crucial for our health to mitigate our EMF exposure as much as possible.

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This is an excellent product. Works just as well as our old "full strength" router in terms of range and connectivity but has the supreme advantage of low radiation emission. Also does an excellent job of switching off the wi-fi signal when no active devices are detected. I happily recommend this product whenever somebody tells me they are concerned about increasing exposure to emf-related radiation.

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I have a JRS Eco Wireless Router Model 03 that I purchased several years ago. It gives me full control over the way that I want it to function. It has an internal clock that I can set to turn on and off when I want it to. It powers down the WIFI output by 90% when we are not using WIFI. I can also select the strength of the WIFI to what level I need. It is the best way to reduce your EMF exposure with out sacrificing performance.

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I have the ASUS router with JRS ECO software. We still have great reception and the low EMF makes our small home easier to sleep in.

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I have been looking for something like this for years. Now a way to have fast internet/wifi, but limit your exposure. I love the handy wife off button. I turn it off every night before bed and I turned of the 5 ghz channel! :)

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Great results. I was worried about the software download but it was very easy thanks in part to the step by step directions included. Very happy to cut back on EMF in a home with 2 young children.

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By means of the new update, my 05AC router now became a fully functional JRS Eco 100 Wifi D2. In my opinion, the auto on/off feature is of great additional value, because essentially you can turn on and off the Wifi of the router from your phone. Another useful feature is that you have the possibility to set your own time period in which the wifi router will switch off after the last device has been disconnected, instead of the standard 120 seconds. Finally, the “Asus looks” of the interface and the well-organised menu are all improvements over...

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I have tested the new ECO 100 wifi router and I'm very happy with what you have managed to make. The Full ECO mode works exactly as I was hoping for. The router goes to sleep when not in use and starts up immediately when wifi is activated on any of my wifi devices :-) 100% radiation free in Full ECO mode it is a blessing for EHS persons. Congratulations on a job well done!! Odd Magne Hjortland EMF Consult AS

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This router more than lives up to all expectations! As a person sensitive to WiFi, I was a bit sceptical about whether JRS could keep its promises, but I was absolutely not disappointed. I feel that much less radiation is emitted when the router is switched on and the automatic switching on and off with a connected device is really fantastic. Gone are the days when children came to complain if I wanted to turn the router on again for them. And even with several people at the same time, we achieve super speeds with this modified ASUS. I am...