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WooCommerce Review #34804

I began 2 years ago with the model 01A router that I've used as a repeater for the back end of my house. Recently I upgraded my main router to the JRS ECO 100. I ran into some difficulty with the firmware, and Jan-Rutger immediately sent a return label to ship the device back to him for repair. He found a glitch in the programming and repaired it right away and shipped it straight back to me. As a merchant myself I understand the value of standing behind his product. His integrity is refreshing....

WooCommerce Review #34824

This a a great product, very rare on the market, that greatly reduces your router's EMF radiation. I bought this to protect my family as much as possible. I am so glad I installed this technology. I highly recommend it. I was able to test it and compare the difference in RF radiation with broadband RF meter.

WooCommerce Review #34565

Bought router to lessen our wifi exposure, does what it promises, very satisfied. Excellent internet connection. Emf levels measured lower even when it's on and it can be set up to your needs. Initial setup wasn't easy for me, but very happy with it.

WooCommerce Review #34223

Fantastic product! The installation and setup is very easy due to the comprehensive manual that is shipped with the router. The settings in the JRS Eco menu are exactly the ones you want to adjust in order to reduce the amount of radiation in your environment. And it really, measurably works! If all devices are disconnected, the Wifi goes into stand-by.

WooCommerce Review #34265

Werkt super! Had hiervoor een ouder model ecowifi (4 jaar oud) maar deze is meer gebruikersvriendelijk en veel makkelijker in te stellen. Ook gaf de oude router de internetsnelheid niet 1-op-1 door via de bekabelde poorten (minder snel signaal), maar dat is bij deze geen enkel probleem. Fijn dat ie ook vanzelf in stand-by-modus gaat, al moet ik deze nog wat meer uittesten, vaak zet ik 'm in de avond al handmatig uit voordat de router in stand-by komt. Dank je wel Jan-Rutger, dat je dit ontwikkeld hebt. Ik hoop dat dit ooit de nieuwe standaard kan worden voor...

WooCommerce Review #34302

Der JRS Eco 100 Router hält was er verspricht. Er schaltet immer vollständig ab, wenn alle registrierten Geräte mit WLAN-Funktion ausgeschaltet bzw. WLAN in den Geräten deaktiviert ist. Auch das Bakensignal ist im Betrieb auf 1 Hz reduziert. Mit guter persönlicher Unterstützung des Herstellers hat es geklappt, das dies nun auch mit allen Geräten funktioniert, die in unserem Netzwerk angemeldet sind. Wir hatten, um unsere hochfrequente Belastung in unserer Wohnung zu minimieren, bisher in unserem Router die WLAN-Funktion immer mit Zeitprogrammierung oder manuell ausgeschaltet. Das entfällt Dank der Full Eco-Funktion des JRS Eco 100 Router nun. Das ist sehr angenehm. Den...

WooCommerce Review #34071

Our JRS router was easy to set up. The instructions were clear and helpful. I love the peace of mind in knowing that we are reducing and at times even eliminating harmful EMF’s. I love that the wifi will shut off when no devices are using it and our wifi enabled devices have had no problems picking the the wifi back up when we need it. Thank you for this wonderful product- worth every penny!!

WooCommerce Review #33990

It is very convenient that the router automatically goes in stand-by when you enable airplane mode on your iPad or turn it off, and vice versa. No unnecessary unhealthy radiation when you don't need WiFi. Super!