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I was prompted to purchase the ECO 100 router after researching the effects of WIFI, and after purchasing a meter to see what my old router was emitting. I am primarily using a LAN connection out of the router to my workstation, but needed WIFI for my personal computer which is too far from the router for a LAN line. When enabled, the WIFI has worked flawlessly. I would recommend the router to anyone looking to limit their exposure to WIFI.

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We have the JRS Ecowifi for a long time, the new Ecowifi 100 is a stepson, because the radiation is only present with an active device. Reducing radiation to zero, if not necessary was our motivation, especially in medical institutions. We can recommend this device to everyone who is health-conscious . All the best. Team of the hospital Klinik im LEBEN Greiz- Germany

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The reason for buying the JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus was to minimize wifi exposure. Wifi is an especially unhealty form of mobile phone radiation becaus of its 10 Hz fundamental frequency pulse. The frequency is similar to the frequency of electromagnetic signals occuring in the brain. We like very much that Wifi turs off by itself as soon as our mobiles and laptops are in flight mode. We also measured the radiation exposure and found that the JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus is very low in radiation (compared to other products) and still providing good reception...

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De WiFi is niet altijd stabiel, het gebeurt wel dat we hem even opnieuw moeten opstarten voor een goede werking Gr janveendrick -> JRS: Inmiddels is er een firmware-update beschikbaar voor de router waarmee het probleem opgelost moet zijn, waarbij de router (in sommige situaties) de verbinding kan verliezen. Als je de router uit zet en weer aan, zal deze zichzelf automatisch updaten.

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We are delighted with our JRS Eco 100 Wifi D2 router and firmware. My wife has severe EMF sensitivities and for the longest time I had to get in my car and park at the nearest Starbucks to get decent wifi. Our internet provider told us that we could switch to a router where you can put the wifi on "hold" but the wifi was still active. Not a solution. But they wanted to be helpful so they had a meeting with 10 people researching what could work for us and they recommended your product. It seemed unreasonable to...

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This wifi router is fantastic! Reasonably easy set up. Easy to shut on and off. We largely use Ethernet cables for our internet access, but when we use the wireless it works great. We are so grateful that someone makes a router with these options! Thanks you so much!

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Thank you for this unique product. There is no alternative, worldwide. My motivation is - my wife is electro-sensitive. She reacts positivelly (1000 mSec Beacon-Rate, 30 mW @ 5 GHz). Actually, I can recommend it to EVERYONE (with some exceptions, like outdoor usage and/or big scale installations) - as my newest findings show that every reduction of EM filelds feels good... Regards, Peter MacTaggart

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The JRS Eco Wireless router is a MUST HAVE for any home or office! I was SO happy to find the ingenious low emission routers that JRS Eco provides. While reading about the risks of 5G emissions I came across information about the emissions from wireless modems and routers in our homes and neighborhoods. This is EMF exposure is not healthy and most people are unaware of the cumulative, damaging effects of constant exposure to these emissions. Anecdotally, I see more and more people with Dementia and Alzheimers as well as various cancers that...