'Full Eco JRS Eco 100 Wifi D2 on Asus' Reviews

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WooCommerce Review #27533

We are very satisfied. Works as described. Happy to have chance to reduce wifi smog at home - we have an autistic daughter who is very sensitive to everything ... Thank you a lot Jan!

WooCommerce Review #27463

I am using the JRS Eco 100 Wifi, and see the results: much less radiation in our house. In the evening it automatically shuts the Wifi down als we switch our mobil phones off. So we do'nt have to do this manualy. This works very convenient. We recommend the JRS Eco 100 Wifi!

WooCommerce Review #27462

Finally! So happy with our eco WiFi router. Always had a chore with manually switching the WiFi off every night and with our current internet providers router there wasn’t even an option to manually turn WiFi off! Glad to find this product. And also bought the wired iPhone/iPad set with it which I especially used when pregnant to avoid radiation to my unborn child.

WooCommerce Review #27459

The Full ECO mode works exactly as I was hoping for. The WiFi of the router goes to sleep when not in use and starts up when needed. Sometimes I have restart the router again, the router sleeps too deep I suppose (network issue).

WooCommerce Review #27413

My partner and I got the JRS Eco Router before moving into our apartment complex in May, 2020. Not only are we in a 'city', but have other neighbors radiation affecting us too, which lead to the Eco Router. At no point were we disappointed with the product, it has turned out to be insanely reliable and amazing, and provides much more insight than I could have imagined. You are in complete control to customize this router, and only this router (no others offer this) to your standards and desires. My partner and I both work from home and the...

WooCommerce Review #26798

Just wonderful! Beyond grateful for this product (JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus) and to the amazing customer service that Jan-Rutger Schrader provided is just outstanding! Now i have that peace of mind knowing that my router is 100% radiation free in Full ECO mode. The world could be a better one if everyone knew about this router! Specially if you are sensitive to wireless, thank you so much JRS ECO for such blessing!

WooCommerce Review #36791

Works great! I used to have an older model of the Eco Wifi (4 years old), but this one is more user-friendly and way easier to configure. In addition, the older router didn’t pass on the internet speed 1 to 1 through the hardwired ports (signal was slower), but with this router that’s not a problem. It's convenient that it goes into stand-by mode automatically, although I’ll have to test that some more, because I usually turn it off manually in the evening before it goes into stand-by. Thank you Jan-Rutger, for having developed this product. I very much...