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Finally, after years of routers that gave no control over parameters that make a difference to power and radiation out, I can rest easier at night knowing that this is doing the work for me, and dynamically. I received the product and it just worked. Followed instructions and up and running in 5 min.

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1. How is your experience with the JRS Eco 100 router? Great! I think I will order another one for our next door unit (although we do get some signal next door anyway from this router). Easy to set up, fast wifi throughout the house (upstairs and downstairs), I love the website that allows me to see the router and what devices are connected and program it, also I am American and DHL shipping from Europe was a snap. The ethernet ports on the back are also great, I have my tv and Apple TV connected so...

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I purchased this router to reduce unnecessary radiation in our home. Unfortunately the temporary shut off function doesn't work as described. It doesn't turn on even when connecting to the hidden jrs network. Therefore I cannot use that function. In addition it seems to turn off if no computers are connected (even though it shouldn't according to settings), so I have to keep a computer connected to the network at all times. I am glad radiation levels are lower, but my wifi network has become a bit of a hassle. -> JRS: Our customer service team is working with the...

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What a great invention. Have tested this with my Trifield TF2 and really it works! Aftercare has been excellent too. I am not that technical but Jan-Rutger was on hand to walk me through the set up process. If you are interested in your health this product is a NO brainer! Buy now

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The router and software obtained from JRS has been fantastic. The router and JRS software was very easy to install and then use. With so much EMF around us every day, it was extremely important for me to have a router that reduced the amount of EMF I am exposed to daily through the use of the router for my consulting company. To have the option to buy a fast router with roughly a 90% reduction in EMF was an excellent choice and I am so glad I was able to find this through JRS ECO. I wish...

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We purchased this as part of trying to reduce the emf load in the household. We dont knowingly have any issues but we are aware they DO impact. We learnt about the Router after reading Lloyd Burrells book, EMF Practical Guide. A very good a d practical book. I had some issues with the set up but the vendor assisted me through the teething problems. As I am working from home now, I am up early and so my pc is now 'wired' in via ethernet and so the wi fi does not need turning on until others get up later,...

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We are very pleased with the JRS Eco 100, and the company as a whole. Having the standby mode which stops the wifi when it's not needed is great! So many ways the radiation can be reduced with all the different settings available. Thank you!!

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1. How is your experience with the JRS Eco 100 router? I must say that I am a bit disappointed because the routersoftware has some errors as it has not been sufficiently tested. For instance the router sometime avoid full eco mode because it thinks one device is online even when the device is fully turned off. Then you need to turn the router off and on again or connect the device again and disconnect it afterwards to make the router go to full eco stand by. If you don't know that it can happen that the router gives...

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Would definitely recommend. It's a solid piece of hardware to start with and the customized interface does give you a ton of options to tweak things much further. I am using a Cornet ED88TPlus meter to test the radiation and it's significantly lower levels than a standard router in terms of mw / m2. We've got our JRS router on the lowest transmission power possible and the same goes for our laptop (lowest transmit power) and yet we get the full speed and no problems picking up the network when we need it, anywhere in the house. Happy to recommend it.