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Ease of use: The installation of the Eco-Wifi router was not very complicated. It is nice that the Wifi-signal can be easily turned off by using the button on the back of the router. The price of the router is good, because the product does exactly what it should do (minimalizing radiation). Practical experiment: My girlfriend is very sensitive to radiation and we have tried out many different routers with several anti-radiation measures. Nothing helped to stop the feeling of a burning skin, the heart rhythm disturbances and the headaches. Now we are using the Eco Router, all of these problems are...

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I have bought the JRS Eco Router because something was driving me crazy and I thought that had to be the wireless radiation. A celltower is located 1500 meters from my house, which I unfortunately cannot turn off. The peep in my ear has got 10 to 20 times stronger since the launch of the 4G network. I had a new Wifi router from Ziggo for a few months, and ever since I felt some sort of agitation or pressure. I thought the cause to be EMF, so I started searching for a solution. Then I found the JRS...

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1. How is your experience with the JRS Eco-Wifi? Excellent. 2. What were the results of using the JRS Eco-Wifi? Lowered my families exposure to EMR in our home by over 98%. Very effective. Easy to install. I can turn the Wifi on or off whenever I choose. Everyone in my family is happier and healthier. I programmed the router to turn off at night, so now we all sleep with no Wifi EMR in our house. Everyone is sleeping better as a result. 3. To whom would you recommend the JRS Eco-Wifi? Everyone, especially schools, cafes, libraries, public places and...

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This is a great piece of kit. I have the transmit power of the router set to 15mw and it works a treat. It gives me great piece of mind to know that I have the power output set lower with less radiation and still get good internet speed.

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EMF’s are a serious problem increasing every day in our lives. This router lets me have more control how much my family is exposed to. I love having hard connectivity while my WIfi is turned off...I love being exposed to less pulsing when my Wifi is in use! My only wish is that you had a US shipping location so when I ordered it would have gotten to me faster.

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And I forgot to mention. When I had a question Your customer service was extremely helpful. prompt, and courteous. I am very happy with your company !!!!

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I love this router. The switch on the router to manually turn wi fi on and off has been very useful. Amazingly I turned the power of the Wifi signal down in the menu system all the way from the default 30mv all the way down to only 1mv and still have wifi coverage over our whole 1500 Sq ft condo! It slowed the connection down by about 20% but we have fast internet and I can't tell the difference so if my math is correct we lost 20% Wi-fi performance for a reduction of about 97% of...

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I have been aware of the dangers of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) for over 40 years and have assiduously avoided high radiation zones throughout my life. Our previous new WIFI router was emitting so much EMR everyone in my family could feel it. As a result we collectively decided to live in a WIFI free house in order to preserve our good health. Then we discovered the JRS Eco-Wifi we decided to give it a try. Our experience has been wonderful. We are no longer subject to EMR's and we have high speed WIFI. I highly recommend the JRS Eco-Wifi...

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This is an excellent product. I'm in both the IT and natural health industry. So for me, this was a no brainer. I feel much more comfortable knowing that my router is emitting much less radiation, while at the same time providing exceptional performance. I've given these as gifts to family members and recommend these routers all of the time. I'm so glad I found this company!