WooCommerce Review #17884

I’ve found the performance and distance to be outstanding – better than my Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi 1900 at a fraction of the peak radiation levels by using the JRS Asus 1900. On one test (without faraday cage), I was able to get 25 mbps from outside my house and across the street (more than enough for video streaming). That said, I couple the router with a “faraday cage” (simple wire metal file holder placed over the router) and still get from 40-90+ mbps throughout most of my 1900 sqft single level house. BTW – my TriField RF tests only show a peak of .093 mW/m^2 (2.4 only; 5 is turned off), which is awesome!! I was getting 10+ mW/m^2 spikes and even maxing out the TriField with my Netgear on occasion. I’ve since turned off the WiFi on the Netgear and just use it as a cable modem and run a few Ethernet cables from it to the JRS Asus 1900 and other devices (Fire TV Cube, Sonos Beam, etc.). I hope this is helpful and happy to send pictures of my setup & tests results.