WooCommerce Review #17973

I bought this router for a variety of reasons, and so far am VERY happy with it. First off, I wanted to reduce WiFi exposure for me and my family (wife and two kids). But also, I wanted a router where I could use a VPN for all the devices in my house.

My favorite aspects f the router:
1) Most importantly, it is able to reduce WiFi radiation multiple ways: 1) you can set a slider to reduce the power emitted by the unit, 2) if no devices are requesting data, it turns off WiFi (temporarily) 3) there is a button to turn off the WiFi (Love this! It keeps the wired connections active) 4) and it reduces your WiFi exposure by reducing the number of times it transmits per second
2) Easy scheduling of the WiFi to turn on/off at whatever hour(s) during the day/week
3) I can use a VPN service for enhance privacy when browsing the web (for all devices that connect to the router)
4) There is a switch to turn off the LEDs (I have trouble sleeping and eliminating blue light at night really helps me).

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce their WiFi exposure for better sleep/health. It was really easy to setup and configure. I’ve had the router installed for about a week or so, and will update in the future based on additional experience.

But so far, I love the router.