WooCommerce Review #18848

I am giving the JRS Eco router only 3 stars because the set up was a nightmare due to technical issues. In another words, the router technology is inconsistent with the set up instructions. Previously I had installed several other routers and the process was simple. But setting up the JRS Eco router took at least a week and I was about to return the router. It was just pure dumb luck that I finally got it done. This is why: The device comes with no instruction manual and only with very minimal instructions on the box which are inaccurate. If you follow the instructions on box, you can never set it up. The only way I was able to set mine up was that after many frustrating attempts, I decided I should just follow my instinct instead of the box instructions. Then it worked and proved that the box instructions are inaccurate. While having trouble setting up the router, I contacted the company and they replied repeating the box instructions which was not helpful. They did not understand the issues. The issues with the set up is a technical problem that the company should resolve before they can market the router to improve their sales. On the positive side, JRS Eco is the only low radiation router currently on the market and so far it works well. Sorry, I do not believe the 5 star reviews.

–> JRS: I’m sorry to read about your issues with the setup process. In fact, there are no technical problems with the Asus setup wizard. The manual was available for download as indicated on the setup instructions. You are one of the esteemed first customers of the Eco 100 router. The manual has since been revised and screenshots of the setup wizard added, making the process simpler. We now include a printed 32-page manual with all shipments. See https://www.jrseco.com/manuals-en. And believe it or not, every single review here is real. I’m glad to read that you are satisfied with the reduction in radiation now that the router is up and running.