WooCommerce Review #19050

I am a senior with newly self diagnosed EHS as of October 26, 2019. Found the info on this jrseco router thru Lloyd Burnell with Electricsense.com and bought it after hiring a computer company to hardwire my computer. Hardwiring made some improvement in EHS. Had same computer company come later and install this jrseco router, but did not have them install the special firmware as I am not good with technology. I was scared that I would not be able to get on internet if I had trouble, and would have to wait for computer company to come back. So I turn wifi off all the time, and it has made a tremendous improvement because I can still use my hardwired computer. With previous router, I could not use the computer unless the router was on with wifi on. Now, I just turn on wifi on jrseco router when I need to make phone call on iPhone X. I like that I can manually turn wifi on and off by button on router. When I get braver, I will have computer company come back and help me install the firmware that does everything automatically.