WooCommerce Review #25901

My research into the health impact of radiation led me to look for ways to reduce my family’s exposure to radiation without going too extreme and completely removing WiFi from our home. The software on this router reduces our radiation while we are sleeping and when we are around the house but not using the WiFi. Even when we are using the WiFi, it still reduces how much our bodies are being pinged by the WiFi.

Our apartment is about 1,000 square feet and we have the router mounted about 4 feet off the floor on the wall directly behind our TV. I have not noticed any dead spots in our apartment or slowed connection speeds. I have had no problems connecting when the router is coming out of echo mode (which is when it “sleeps” while not in use).

My goal is to setup a wired Desktop and wired connection for our TV streaming so that we reduce how much WiFi we are using, which will greatly reduce how much radiation we are exposed to.

My only complaints are that setup was not easy, the instructions were not the clearest, and we have had trouble logging into our router settings. We aren’t the most tech-savy, so some of this might be user error. But I would love to see some improvements making setup easier and more intuitive.