WooCommerce Review #26023

JRS Eco D2 on Asus is an absolutely amazing product that allows you to work from home using wifi without getting over the top amounts of radiation all day long. Jan-Rutger Schrader spent so much time on the phone with me (calling from the Netherlands ) helping me set it up and connect it to my computer and my other devices and explaining things to me that I should already know (beyond just his product). He was so patient and knowledgable about every aspect of lowering your EMF exposure and just his assistance alone was worth the cost of this product. Together we set up JRS Eco D2 on Asus and now I have peace of mind, a little more knowledge and huge gratitude to him and for products like these that help maintain health by reducing exposure to EMF pollution as much as possible. I highly recommend that everyone invest in this product for your health and the health of your family and be assured that Jan-Rutger Schrader will talk you through it if you have any trouble setting it up.