WooCommerce Review #29401

I ordered this router back in Feb/20 because I seem to be getting headaches every time I was near the regular router. I assumed it might be due to all the Wifi zooming around.
Since installing, I can honestly say that I have not experienced as much headache. I presume I am electromagnetic sensitive.

Once in awhile it wasn’t working well and I have found that the European plug-in plus the adapter is too long and heavy , so it tends to fall out of the outlet. I have had to tape it up in place so I don’t lose the connection. I could use some advice on this.

->JRS: You can get an Asus ADP-33AW adapter or a compatible 19 volt (19V) adapter. If you get the latter, make sure it can handle at least 1.75 amps (1.75A) and has a connector size of 4.0mm diameter x 1.35mm hole, with positive tip polarity.