WooCommerce Review #29964

We are delighted with our JRS Eco 100 Wifi D2 router and firmware. My wife has severe EMF sensitivities and for the longest time I had to get in my car and park at the nearest Starbucks to get decent wifi. Our internet provider told us that we could switch to a router where you can put the wifi on “hold” but the wifi was still active. Not a solution.

But they wanted to be helpful so they had a meeting with 10 people researching what could work for us and they recommended your product. It seemed unreasonable to me to go to the Netherlands for a solution but there seemed to be no other option.

What won the day for you guys is interesting. We had an EMF specialist come into our home and identify all the “hotspots” in our home that my wife should avoid. She spent 5 hours here and wrote up an extensive report. That was about a year ago. We decided to look at that report again and when it came to alleviating the effects of wifi, your product was recommended by her. That was our confirmation to go ahead and purchase your product and firmware.

It has allowed me to work in my home office once again and that is terrific. From time to time we have to print to our printer two floors up and being able to put the wifi on for a limited time to do that is great. (Frankly, there have been times when I have had the wifi on and she didn’t even know it! In the past, she knew right away with other routers because she would break out in a sweat and get exhausted)

With 5G coming on strong here, I hope more people wake up to the effects of such strong currents going through our bodies.

I wish you all the best and we are letting people know about it but here in the USA, most are oblivious to the effects of continuous wifi.