WooCommerce Review #31197

I have been aware of the dangers of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) for over 40 years and have assiduously avoided high radiation zones throughout my life. Our previous new WIFI router was emitting so much EMR everyone in my family could feel it. As a result we collectively decided to live in a WIFI free house in order to preserve our good health. Then we discovered the JRS Eco-Wifi we decided to give it a try. Our experience has been wonderful. We are no longer subject to EMR’s and we have high speed WIFI. I highly recommend the JRS Eco-Wifi router(s) to anyone who cares about their health and wants high speed WIFI and internet. Also, read ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ by Arthur Firstenberg, to catch up on the latest science regarding EMR. Thank you for creating such a desperately needed product. We greatly appreciate your work.