WooCommerce Review #34170

I have bought the JRS Eco Router because something was driving me crazy and I thought that had to be the wireless radiation. A celltower is located 1500 meters from my house, which I unfortunately cannot turn off. The peep in my ear has got 10 to 20 times stronger since the launch of the 4G network. I had a new Wifi router from Ziggo for a few months, and ever since I felt some sort of agitation or pressure. I thought the cause to be EMF, so I started searching for a solution. Then I found the JRS Eco Router, and I decided to buy it. However, the problem didn’t go away, so I decided to turn it off for 10 days. During these ten days, the agitation and pressure went away. After that, I put a time schedule on the router so that the Wifi would only be turned on between 6 am and 10 pm. The pressure and agitation didn’t return ever since. I am very satisfied with the product, because it solved my health problems. Everyone who experiences this same feeling of pressure or agitation should try out this router, as it can solve the problem if it is caused by EMF.