WooCommerce Review #34804

I began 2 years ago with the model 01A router that I’ve used as a repeater for the back end of my house. Recently I upgraded my main router to the JRS ECO 100. I ran into some difficulty with the firmware, and Jan-Rutger immediately sent a return label to ship the device back to him for repair. He found a glitch in the programming and repaired it right away and shipped it straight back to me. As a merchant myself I understand the value of standing behind his product. His integrity is refreshing.
When I received the repaired ECO 100, setup was simple and when I attempted to pair the 01A, I realized I didn’t know how. I wrote to Jan-Rutger for advice, which he gave right away. Voila’, it works like a dream now.
I especially love that the ECO 100 shuts itself down within a minute of putting my cell phone on Airplane Mode. This is the only wifi device I have left in my house. All I need to do to wake the router up again in the morning is shut off Airplane Mode. So easy!! Thank you for making such a superior product and standing behind it!