You need to retain your Internet modem because it provides the conversion of the Internet signal to ADSL, cable or fiber, the specifics of which depend on your Internet provider. If your Internet modem has built-in wifi, this needs to turned off in order to minimize wifi radiation. You don’t need that wifi signal anymore because the wifi function is taken over by the Eco router.

On some Internet modems you can simply turn off the wifi with a switch on your modem, or login to a settings menu. We regularly receive questions about how to do this. Please understand that we cannot support all the different providers and modems. This is outside of our scope of influence. However remember that turning off the built-in wifi is always possible. If you don’t know how, ask your provider’s customer service to help you. Alternatively you may search for a do-it-yourself manual on the Internet by typing the provider name and the make and model of your Internet modem. Usually the built-in wifi can be turned off in the settings menu of your Internet modem, which can be reached through a web browser by typing in the correct address, an IP number.

If your Internet provider also operates a public wifi network through its Internet modems, please make sure to also turn this public wifi network off. In some cases you need to do this on a separate web page of the Internet provider with a personal login. You can check if your modem is not emitting any wifi anymore by holding your smartphone next to it and scanning for wifi networks. Make sure there is no strong wifi network on top of the list with the name of the public network.