If you want to reduce the Wi-Fi radiation in your home, you should know that most of it comes from your Internet gateway box/router/modem, which in most cases you get from your provider. How can you turn off this Wi-Fi and connect your own router, such as a Low-EMF JRS-Eco Router?

In most instances, you cannot simply replace your Internet modem/router/box with an Eco-router. This is because you need the Internet router to convert the Internet signal, which enters the house via another type of connection (e.g. cable or fiber optic), to an Ethernet port. The Eco-router can then be connected to this.

Most Internet gateway boxes have built-in Wi-Fi. It must be switched off to get rid of its radiation and to avoid interfering with the Eco router’s network. You no longer need the Internet modem’s Wi-Fi, because the Wi-Fi function is taken over by the Eco router, with much less EMF! This gives you peace of mind and control over the Wi-Fi radiation in your home. The phone and TV continue to work as normal when connected to the internet router, as it just stays put.

Below are instructions on how to disable Wi-Fi for the most common providers:

Other providers

On some Internet routers/modems, you can simply turn off the Wi-Fi with a switch on the device. Otherwise, it is done by logging into a settings menu that can be accessed through a browser by entering the correct address (the IP number), which is often listed on the bottom of the modem/router. In most cases, you can find a do-it-yourself guide on the Internet by Googling the name of your ISP and the make and model of your Internet modem, e.g. “Disable Wi-Fi AT&T BGW320 router”. If this doesn’t work for you, you can try contacting your provider’s customer service for help.