If you want to reduce the Wi-Fi radiation in your home, you should know that most of it comes from your Internet router/modem, that you got from Xfinity. How can you turn off this wifi and connect your own router, e.g. a low-EMF JRS Eco router?

There is a built-in wifi in your Xfinity gateway. We are going to disable this completely and then connect a low radiation JRS Eco router behind the gateway box. The Eco router then takes over the wifi function, with much less EMFs. And you can turn the wifi in the house on and off whenever you want. The phone and TV, which may be connected to the Xfinity router, continue to work as usual, because the Internet router just stays put.

There are two ways to turn off your Xfinity gateway’s wifi:

  1. Put your Internet gateway in Bridge mode a.k.a. IP Passthrough mode (or have Xfinity do it)
  2. Turn off the wifi in the settings menu of the Internet gateway

Method 1 is best and we recommend it. The Bridge mode is the best way to get the wifi off permanently, because experience has shown the following. If you disable the wifi using method 2, chances are that later if your provider remotely sends an update to the Internet gateway, the wifi is turned back on just like that without your knowledge. We have heard this from several customers.

If you want to replace your Xfinity modem instead, we recommend the Arris Surfboard range. You can either get one without Wi-Fi, or switch off Wi-Fi.

Method 1. Putting your Xfinity router in Bridge mode

‘Bridge mode’ has nothing to do with the card game of bridge :-) but is a technical term: we disable the so-called ‘router function’ and let the Eco router take over. So it means that this only works in the situation when you plan to connect an (Eco) router to your Internet gateway. The provider usually has clear explanations available. We give the most important one below. But you can often also call your provider’s customer service and have them do it remotely.

To put your Xfinity router in bridge mode:

Xfinity – Use Bridge Mode on your wireless gateway

After you have enabled Bridge mode or had it enabled by customer service, there is one more important trick. We know this after responses from customers who bought an Eco router and connected it to the Internet gateway. After you have had your Internet gateway put into Bridge mode (customer service remotely sends the command) or have done this yourself, wait until the Internet gateway reboots. Then turn the Internet gateway off completely for 5 minutes (unplug it) and then on again. Only then connect the Eco router to it with the Ethernet cable. This is to ensure that the Eco router gets the Internet connection from the gateway. In Bridge mode, only one LAN port of the Internet gateway works and this is where the Eco router needs to connect to it with its WAN port. Any other wired devices in your home network can be connected to the 4 LAN ports of the Eco router.

Method 2. Turning off the Wi-Fi in the settings menu of the Xfinity router

See here: Xfinity – Hide or disable your in-home WiFi network

Public Wi-Fi network

Now check that all wifi emissions from the gateway have actually disappeared. To your surprise, you may then find that you still see a Wi-Fi signal from the Internet gateway. This can happen even though in the settings screen everything seems to be off! You can test this by holding a phone close to the Internet gateway and looking at the list of available networks: do you see the public provider network on full power at the top? If so, then the wifi was not completely off. The wifi light on the modem is not always reliable in this regard. It turns out that many Internet gateways broadcast two wifi networks: a private wifi network and a public network: wifi spots.

To turn off the public Wi-Fi network, in some cases you have to log into your provider’s account page on the Internet. Xfinity’s customer service can help you with username/password if you don’t remember this.

You should also look out for media boxes from your provider. These are often located near the TV. A media box may also have built-in wifi, which is activated as soon as the box is turned on. If necessary, customer service can disable it remotely or tell you how to turn it off so you can enjoy EMF-free TV.


Want full control of Wi-Fi in your home?

  1. Have your Internet gateway box set to Bridge Mode/IP passthrough mode by Xfinity’s customer service or using the DIY manual.
  2. Have the wifi in any media boxes turned off.
  3. Connect your low-EMF JRS Eco router to the LAN port of the Internet gateway with an Ethernet cable.