Tips to reduce EMFs in your home – e-book

We all would like to keep EMFs in our home as low as possible for the sake of our health and that of our family. But how can we reduce radiation without sacrificing convenience? Since 2011, JRS Eco Wireless has been on a mission to help people reduce electromagnetic radiation. We've compiled our best tips for reducing radiation in the home in our new e-book 'Tips to reduce EMFs in your home´. The e-book contains many tips that measurably reduce radiation in the home. If there is anything we have learned, it is that we need to start with ourselves and...

How much exposure to radiation do wireless bluetooth earphones cause?

More and more people are aware that holding a mobile phone to your ear during a call leads to excessive radiation exposure. Even Apple warns in its manual that you should not put the phone against your head. So it's safer to use the speaker or a headset. But which headset is the lowest radiation? And what about Airpods or other earbuds?

Bluetooth radiation

Wireless headsets work via bluetooth. That's a technology that emits electromagnetic fields (EMFs) similar to what comes out of your phone. There are many studies showing biological effects of EMFs. The point is, bluetooth earbuds sit in...

10 tips to reduce radiation in your bedroom

Does your sleeping environment contribute to a good night's sleep? In terms of radiation, there is a lot to improve in many a bedroom.

What kind of radiation do you have in your home?

We cannot see electromagnetic radiation, but it can be measured and made audible with measuring equipment. We distinguish between high-frequency radiation such as wifi, dect, Bluetooth, transmission towers (UMTS, 4G, 5G), and cell phones, but also to low-frequency radiation such as electric fields from pipes in walls and ceilings.

Tips for reducing high-frequency radiation in the bedroom

Remove the cell phone from your bedroom, and definitely don't put it...

Electromagnetic radiation – Health risks of wireless equipment in the 5G era (full lecture transcript)

Expert 5G Meeting Provincial Council of Friesland 11 March 2020

[00:00:00] Hello, my name is Jan-Rutger Schrader. I am an electrical engineer. I was working in the research lab in the south of the country on the latest generation of cell phones. Whilst there it became clear to me that wireless technology was having a noticeable effect on my health and I felt I could no longer work in the wireless industry. I am a member of the Dutch Association of Measurement Specialists in Electromagnetic Radiation (VEMES). We offer EMF measurements to people who have complaints at home or in the...

Is wifi harmful to health?

Biological and Pathological Effects of 2.4 GHz WiFi Radiation on Cells, Fertility, Brain, and Behavior. By Isabel Wilke. Source: Environment • Medicine • Society. Special Edition in issue 1-2018. Translated from German by JRS. A very robust review article with thematically sorted discussion of scientific studies in detail - JRS.

What effects do studies on WiFi show?

Studies show that WiFi radiation causes oxidative stress, DNA damage, sperm damage, EEG changes, and other effects. This article is a systematic review of studies on the effects of non-ionizing radiation in the microwave (MW) frequency 2.45 GHz (2,450 MHz), which is mainly used for WLAN/WiFi (Wireless...

(Not) Utopia

A short film by Kosta Nikas of Screen Light Pictures. (Source) An unwitting man visits his family in a technocratic nightmare society, where citizens betray each other for personal gain using their smartphone. So terrible that it's comical. Duration: 15 mins.
UTOPIA | Omeleto

How much power does 5G consume?

The promise around 5G is enormous, and an enchanting high-tech future is projected for us. But what about power consumption and climate impact? How much electricity does 5G consume? To achieve gigabit speeds, the plan with 5G is to have it operate at very high frequencies of 24-26 Gigahertz. For this reason, 5G requires millions of new so-called "small cells," for example, transmitters in lampposts. Billions of new wireless devices will soon be available worldwide. All of the above consumes electricity. The network, the processing of the signals, the data centers, and the main users: the transmitters and receivers.

Many bits...

Health Risks from Cellphone & Cell Tower Radiation: Implications for 5G – Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD, UC Berkeley

Source: Center for Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley. Presented by Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD. Contents of this webinar: 97% of U.S. adults own a cellphone of some kind. The vast majority, 85%, own a smartphone. This presentation summarizes research on biologic and health effects from exposure to radio frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers. Dr Moskowitz discusses the implications of this research for 5G, the fifth generation of cellular technology. He starts by describing what wireless or radio frequency (RF) radiation is, including 5G, and its relationship to ionizing radiation....

Something Is In The Air – documentary about cell phone radiation and 5G

Source: FlippedMedia Is radiation from your cell phone or cell towers harmful for your health? Or the environment? The scientific debate is on-going. Are scientific conclusions tied to the interests of those who fund the studies? How do governments make sure the radiation stays within healthy limits? What will happen to insects when 5G is fully rolled out? These questions and many more are explored in this film, Something is in the air. Among the scientists interviewed are Dariusz Leszczynski and Anssi Auvinen.
Something Is In The Air - The cell phone radiation documentary
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