(Not) Utopia

A short film by Kosta Nikas of Screen Light Pictures. (Source) An unwitting man visits his family in a technocratic nightmare society, where citizens betray each other for personal gain using their smartphone. So terrible that it's comical. Duration: 15 mins. A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones. | Utopia

Health Risks from Cellphone & Cell Tower Radiation: Implications for 5G – Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD, UC Berkeley

Source: Center for Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley. Presented by Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD. Contents of this webinar: 97% of U.S. adults own a cellphone of some kind. The vast majority, 85%, own a smartphone. This presentation summarizes research on biologic and health effects from exposure to radio frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers. Dr Moskowitz discusses the implications of this research for 5G, the fifth generation of cellular technology. He starts by describing what wireless or radio frequency (RF) radiation is, including 5G, and its relationship to ionizing radiation. Then he goes on to summarize the...

Something Is In The Air – documentary about cell phone radiation and 5G

Source: FlippedMedia Is radiation from your cell phone or cell towers harmful for your health? Or the environment? The scientific debate is on-going. Are scientific conclusions tied to the interests of those who fund the studies? How do governments make sure the radiation stays within healthy limits? What will happen to insects when 5G is fully rolled out? These questions and many more are explored in this film, Something is in the air. Among the scientists interviewed are Dariusz Leszczynski and Anssi Auvinen. Something Is In The Air - The cell phone radiation documentary Subtitles can be turned on from the YouTube player.

Win a JRS Eco 100 wireless router, receive tips and coupons

Is it time to reduce radiation in your home? Download 10 tips to reduce EMFs and have a chance to win a low radiation JRS Eco 100 wifi router or an hardwired iPhone/iPad adapter! 1st prize: JRS Eco 100 wireless router 100% radiation-free in standby. 90% reduced pulse frequency when wifi is active. 2nd prize: iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter This adapter provides a technically measurable elimination of electromagnetic radiation from wifi and cellular connections. We will announce the winners on October 21! Enter here to join!!  

Federal Communications Commission (FCC): corrupted by the industries it is supposed to regulate

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the government agency in America that regulates the maximum allowed transmission power of cell towers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices. It's sort of like the FDA, but for everything wireless. The Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University published a book that explains in detail how the FCC is dominated by the industries it is supposed to regulate, and how the FCC is in fact controlled by industry. You can download the full e-book here: FCC: Captured Agency - Norm Alster FCC ignores scientists, doctors, people with health damage, and...

Initiative with lots of information about wifi radiation in schools: TechSafe Schools

Source: techsafeschools.org TechSafe Schools is a brand new initiative launched by the non-profit organization Grassroots Environmental Education. Previous projects have included The BabySafe Project. TechSafe Schools is a project useful for schools, teachers and parents who want to reduce children's exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in school. The project is very comprehensive and full of science and simple, effective tools. It also features free webinars with experts from various backgrounds on the topic of radiation in schools. This information is ideal to use to educate local schools about switching to safer technologies.

Is a wifi booster/repeater/extender a good idea in terms of radiation?

Is a wifi booster, also called a wifi range extender, a good idea for improving wireless reception in the home? We don't think so, and in this article we present 3 low radiation alternatives. Due to working at home and the children learning at home, the demand for wifi within the home has recently increased dramatically. The question we often get is: how can I improve wifi range in my home in a low radiation manner? First and foremost, we always say: 'hardwired' is the best, because it's radiation free. Did you know that you can even connect an iPad and...

5G health risks for highest frequencies unknown, writes Netherlands Health Council

2020 - In its report on 5G, the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends postponing the rollout of the 'second wave' 26 Gigahertz frequency band. No research has yet been conducted into the health risks of these high 5G frequencies. The committee advises to do more research into the connection with cancer, reduced male fertility and birth defects. The committee conducted a worldwide search for scientific studies related to this never before used 26 GHz frequency band, but only found a handful of radar studies. The nine-member committee writes in its report that there is a lot of public concern...

Which phone has the lowest radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation from phones is a health risk, as shown in a growing number of studies. You can strongly reduce your exposure by using a headset, and by not wearing the phone on your body all day. It is possible to connect a smartphone to the internet via cable. You can then use all apps and the browser with a completely radiation-free internet connection. Only calling remains wireless. iPhones and iPads can, from iPhone 5 onwards, all be wired via the iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter. With Android phones, it's harder to connect them wired. Using this LAN-USB adapter you can connect...

European Parliament resolution: health risks associated with electromagnetic fields

Update March 2020: Briefing on Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health - European Parliamentary Research Service - PE 646.172 European Parliament resolution of 2 April 2009 on health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields (2008/2211(INI)) On 2 April 2009, the European Parliament adopted the resolution entitled 'Health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields (EMF)' by 566 votes in favour. Three points from the resolution: The European Parliament 1.   Urges the Commission to review the scientific basis and adequacy of the EMF limits as laid down in Recommendation 1999/519/EC and report to the Parliament; calls for the review to be undertaken by the Scientific Committee...