Mobilize is an investigative documentary that explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation including brain cancer and infertility. This thought-provoking film by Kevin Kunze examines the most recent scientific research and the challenges politicians face trying to pass cell phone safety legislation. Through interviews with expert researchers, major mobile associates, and prominent politicians, Mobilize presents a balanced and insightful observation about this unspoken health issue. Mobilize - Official Trailer

Resonance – Beings of Frequency

Beautiful and well-researched documentary in which 60 years of scientific research is covered. Highly recommended and eye-opener. Parallels are drawn between the naturally present electromagnetic radiation and the 'polluting' electrosmog. How does electrosmog prevent our body from curing early stage diseases? RESONANCE - BEINGS OF FREQUENCY

What if you could see Wifi?

What if you could see Wifi? Wat als je Wifi zou kunnen zien? Gepubliceerd op 13 augustus 2013. Source : Edited by JRS.  Who doesn't love free WiFi? Although we use it often, we rarely think about how it works. If you've ever wondered, here's how...

EU Reflex study shows DNA damage caused by radiation from wireless devices and mobile phones

Introduction The European REFLEX study (2004) was conducted on behalf of the EU by 12 institutions for a total budget of 3 million euros. The results show that even at a SAR value of 1,3W / kg (representative of many mobile phones) significant biological damage is done in human cells and especially to the DNA. The key point is that structural research has finally been carried out into the non-thermal effects of 2G (GSM) radiation, 3G (UMTS) radiation and magnetic fields from electrical installations and devices. The effect of the electromagnetic radiation from these sources turns out to be very similar to...

Council of Europe advice on health risks of electromagnetic radiation

The document on the Council of Europe website: Resolution 12608 and press release resolution 1815 Link to Resolution 12608 in PDF file (alternate with markings). The Council of Europe, known from the European Convention on Human Rights, published a report on 6 May 2011 under the chairmanship of Jean Huss on the dangers to public health of electromagnetic fields. The committee calls for the lowering of exposure limits. The committee goes further than that: it recommends removing all wireless equipment from classrooms and calls for special measures to be taken to protect people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, including the setting up...