Low radiation wifi routers JRS Eco-wifi

Reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home with a JRS® Eco-wifi router.

Did you know that an ordinary wifi router broadcasts beacon signals 24 hours a day, 10 times a second, clearly measurable? The JRS Eco-wifi routers come with the unique JRS Eco firmware: an operating system that reduces router radiation and runs on a state of the art Asus® router.

The first generation of JRS Eco-wifi routers (01A model) already significantly reduced the electrosmog by reducing the pulse frequency by 90%. The JRS Eco 100 technology takes it one step further. These models automatically switch to a zero emission Full Eco stand-by mode when no wifi devices are connected.

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Easy installation. The Eco-WiFi router is connected to your internet modem using a standard network cable (included). If your internet modem has built-in Wifi, switch off its Wifi function. You may ask your internet provider’s customer service how. All functions of your existing internet modem, like for example internet telephony, can still be used. See the installation video.

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