Reduce EMFs in your home with a JRS® Eco Wireless router.

Did you know that a common wireless router or modem emits electromagnetic radiation 24/7 in the form of beacon signals, 10 times a second, clearly measurable? JRS Eco Wireless routers come with the unique JRS Eco firmware that runs on a state of the art Asus® router, and minimizes radiation without sacrificing speed, stability or range.

Explainer video
Explainer video
  • All models of JRS Eco Wireless routers cut down on electrosmog by reducing the beacon pulse frequency by 90%.
  • The JRS Eco 100 models even take it one step further and automatically switch to a completely radiation-free Full Eco stand-by mode when no wifi devices are connected.
  • The router switches its wireless signal back on immediately when you re-enable wifi on your wireless device or open the list of available networks. It will only respond to your own devices.

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