JRS Eco Wireless-Routers

Verminder de straling in huis met een JRS® Eco Wireless-router.

Wist je dat een gewone wifirouter of modem 24 uur per dag, 10 keer per seconde, duidelijk meetbare elektromagnetische straling uitzendt, in de vorm van bakensignalen? De JRS Eco Wireless-routers worden geleverd met de unieke JRS Eco firmware. Deze werkt op een moderne Asus®-router en minimaliseert de straling zonder verlies van snelheid, stabiliteit of bereik.

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The JRS Eco 100 Wireless Router
In the modern world, we live in the midst of an 'electrosmog'. The electronic devices that make life so convenient emit Electromagnetic Fields; EMFs for short, or Electromagnetic Radiation. Now, you can make your home safer from this particular type of pollution by using a JRS Eco router for your wireless network.Did you know that an ordinary wireless Internet modem emits electromagnetic radiation 24/7, in the form of beacon signals, 10 times a second? This is clearly measurable with an electrosmog meter. You can switch off your modem’s built-in wireless, and use the JRS Eco router. The JRS Eco router is compatible with any internet provider and modem. Connect it to your modem with the included network cable.The Eco router cuts down on electrosmog by reducing the beacon pulse frequency by 90%. The EMF reduction offered by our products is real and technically measurable on EMF detecting meters. The unique JRS Eco firmware running on the router minimizes radiation without sacrificing performance.JRS Eco 100 models even include a completely radiation free Full Eco standby mode that switches off the wireless signal entirely when no devices are connected. Need to turn the wireless on? Simply enable wifi on your device and the router springs back to life.

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