10 tips to reduce electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone and wifi

Today, many new wireless technologies are used in homes. Scientific research shows that radiation from wifi and mobile phones pose health risks. Therefore it is wise to minimize radiation exposure.Below are 10 tips for reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation:1. Preferably use a hardwired Internet connection and wired telephone.2. Use your smartphone as little as possible and when calling use the speakerphone or use air-tube earphones. Airtube headsets avoid directing radiation toward the head via metal wires. Have your calls diverted to your landline when you are at home, so you can turn off your mobile phone without missing [...]

Interview with Jan-Rutger Schrader on

Eco-WiFi: The Low Radiation WiFi Router Is Now A RealityAs a boy he was mad about computers.All he wanted to do was program.He’d be sat in front of the schools’ Commodore 64, then the cleaning lady would appear, saying ‘come on son, go outside to play’.Later on he was an early adopter of all the latest gadgets, cell phones, smart phones, Nintendo Wii…He graduated from the University of Twente in Holland with a PhD in electrical engineering.He got a job working for the research lab of a big multi-national designing electronic circuits for the latest generation of mobile phones. And [...]