10 tips to reduce electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone and wifi

Today, many new wireless technologies are used in homes. Scientific research shows that radiation from wifi and mobile phones pose health risks. Therefore it is wise to minimize radiation exposure.

Below are 10 tips for reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation:

1. Preferably use a hardwired Internet connection and wired telephone.

2. Use your smartphone as little as possible and when calling use the speakerphone or use air-tube earphones. Airtube headsets avoid directing radiation toward the head via metal wires. Have your calls diverted to your landline when you are at home, so you can turn off your mobile phone without missing a call.

3. “Distance is your friend”. Wear your smartphone in a bag or put it on your table when possible. Do not wear the phone on your body all day. The modern smartphone emits both high-frequency radiation (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) and a low-frequency magnetic field.

4. Did you know that wireless digital baby monitors emit radiation continuously, even when the baby makes no sound? This radiation is very strong because usually the baby monitor is positioned right next to the baby. Minimize health risks and choose analogue-type or wired devices are the safest. Digital devices should at least be without video capacity and be “voice activated” (non-continuous transmission). In any case, the device should be placed at a distance of at least 2 meters from the child’s cod!

5. Do not sleep with your cell phone on. Research shows that sleep is disturbed by radiation from mobile phones. Need an alarm clock? Set the phone to airplane mode.

6. Avoid using your cell phone when the signal is weak or when you are surrounded by metal, for example in an elevator and car.

7. Turn your wifi router off at night. Install a router with the low-radiation JRS Eco-wifi firmware on it. An Eco-wifi router emits 90% less radiation in standby and can be configured to automatically switch off completely at night. The JRS Eco 100 wifi router is 100% radiationfree in standby.

8. Don’t use an iPad or other tablets on your lap but place them on the table. The iPad not only emits strong wifi radiation but also a low-frequency magnetic field. If you want to minimize electromagnetic radiation, buy an iPad/iPhone hardwired adapter.

9. The skull of children is thinner than that of adults and their brains develop rapidly. The radiation from a mobile phone penetrates deeper into their brains. Allow children to use the mobile phone as little as possible. It is not a toy.

10. Would you like to read more about this subject? Interesting book is: Overpowered by Martin Blank, PhD and the legall smallprint of your cell phone!

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