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The following applies to all products and services offered by JRS BV, any related matters, all visits to and use of this web site and all information and data offered through this website. JRS Eco Wireless and JRS Electro Health are trade names of JRS BV.

Information and liability

JRS BV presents articles on this website for the purpose of providing information. Although JRS BV takes the utmost care for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on the website, it does not guarantee that such data and information are free of errors or deficiencies. JRS BV accepts no responsibility for damage of any kind whatsoever arising from use, incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information provided on this website.

Linked websites

This website may contain links to other Internet sites that are not operated by or controlled by JRS BV. The links are only included in the scope of service and do not imply affiliation with or endorsement by JRS BV. JRS BV is neither responsible nor liable for the contents or specific data or information from Internet sites which have included a link to this website or to which a link is included on this website.

Health related information

The information provided by JRS BV is not medical advice. JRS BV does not provide medical advice and is not qualified to do so. Any advice on this website and any low-radiation products offered are not intended for use as a substitute for medical advice. The solutions and products advertised by JRS BV have an objectively measurable effect in reducing electromagnetic radiation. The relationship between electromagnetic radiation and health is still under discussion. Every individual reacts differently. An illness usually has several causes. If you have health problems, you should always consult a doctor.

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