Do you currently have a system with wireless extenders/repeaters or a mesh? A mesh is a mess from an EMF point of view. All wireless signals are transmitted twice or more from one mesh node to another. Wi-Fi repeaters have a similar problem. It’s like a Wi-Fi receiver and access point in one box. Each Wi-Fi repeater will transmit 10 pulses per second, 24 hours per day. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee seamless interoperability of our Eco routers with a repeater. We recommend that you run a LAN cable to the 2nd, 3rd point and so on where you need Wi-Fi and put another Eco router there. For more information, see Is a wifi booster/repeater/extender a good idea in terms of radiation?

The range you get from an Eco router is the same as you would get from an ordinary router. It’s hard to say how many you’ll need without knowing the exact situation, but a safe bet would be to assume that you need as many Eco routers as you currently have Wi-Fi routers and repeaters combined.

So, would it be it an option for you to run Ethernet cables to all the places where you need a router? If you can do this, it will significantly reduce your exposure to EMF in your home compared to the situation with repeaters.