The following does not apply to models with the new Eco 100 firmware.

To stay protected from attacks on known security vulnerabilities in router firmware you need to keep the firmware up to date. Please check this page regularly to see if a new version is available.


*** May 2018 – JRS Eco-wifi firmware V4.1 available. Contains critical security vulnerability patches: CVE-2017-14491 – CVE-2017-14496 (Dnsmasq), CVE-2017-13077 – 2017-13088 (Krack) and others. For more information, please Google on the CVE numbers. 05AC model: transmit power corrected for settings below 4mW. ***

*** Aug 2017 – From JRS Eco-wifi firmware version V3.3nb, 01A model users can switch the wifi signal on and off by pushing the WPS button, like with the other Eco-wifi models. ***


Log in to your account on JRS Eco Wireless. If you don’t have a password, you can use Reset password. Use the e-mail address with which you placed the order, even if you ordered as a guest.

If you purchased the Eco-wifi router from a reseller, you first need to register on our website using the access code you received from the reseller.


In My Account, click on ‘Orders’, then on ‘View’ next to your order number. The firmware file for your Eco-wifi router is automatically displayed in the order view. Download this file by right-clicking it in your browser and selecting ‘Save (Link) As…’ or similar. You don’t need to open the file but you will need it in step 5.

Double-check to make sure that the model number on your router corresponds to the model number in the firmware file name. Flashing a firmware onto the wrong model may result in a non-functional device.


Go to the Eco-wifi settings menu of your router at or for older models at and login with username root and standard administrator password ecowifi! or your changed password. The Eco-wifi settings menu can only be accessed from a computer directly connected to the Eco-wifi router. If you have forgotten the changed password, you can reset the router as explained in step 6. Check the current firmware version number in the top left corner of the settings screen. You only need to update if it is lower than the version of the firmware file.


Only for RT-N12 D1, RT-N15U and RT-N66U/W models when updating to firmware V4.1.

If you have adjusted certain settings in the router yourself, such as channel, transmission power or automatic wifi shutdown at programmed times, print these settings pages, because if you reset the router in step 6, all the router settings will be reset to their default values and you will need to make them again. The most important settings pages are Basic -> Network, Advanced -> Wireless and Access Restriction.


Go to the menu Administration -> Upgrade. Click on ‘browse’ and select the firmware file that you downloaded. The ‘Clear NVRAM’ option does not need to be checked. Click on ‘upload’ and wait for the router to update and restart. After all lights stop blinking wait a minute longer.

Make sure not to disconnect power to the router while flashing the firmware. Be patient and wait until the process is complete and the router has restarted. This may take up to 15 minutes.


Only for RT-N12 D1, RT-N15U and RT-N66U/W models after updating to firmware V4.1.

To be 100% sure that all functions work properly, you can then reset the router. After resetting, all router settings, including wifi network name and wifi password, are reset to the default values. To reset, turn the router off and on again while holding down the WPS button. When the power light starts flashing rapidly, the WPS button can be released. After this you will need to reconnect to the jrs-ecowifi network with the default password ‘ecowifi!’. If you cannot connect to the jrs-ecowifi network, select ‘Forget Network’ or similar on your device.

After the reset, the Eco-wifi settings menu can be reached via Do not forget to change the wifi password in the Basic → Network menu and, if necessary, to reconfigure your personal settings such as channel, transmission power or automatic wifi shutdown at programmed times. For further explanation, please download the manual from the product page of the Eco-wifi router, tab ‘Product Support’.

Congratulations, after completing this upgrade your Eco-wifi router is as new as ever!

Updating the firmware is at your own risk. Please make sure to follow the above procedure closely and observe the bold printed warnings.

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