iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter

iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter


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Suitable for

  • iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017.
  • Also works with iPhone 5 and higher.

Suitable for every modern iPad® or iPhone® with standard ‘Lightning’ charging connector.

With this adapter you can connect your iPad or iPhone to the internet using a normal LAN ethernet cable. The adapter provides a technically measurable elimination of wifi electromagnetic radiation.
Wifi is two-way traffic. For each bit data sent from the wifi router, a confirmation is sent back by the iPad. The wifi radiation coming from the iPad is strong and the device is held very close to the body. Especially when streaming video for example, the radiation is very high. Therefore you might want to take a look at this iPad hardwired adapter. The adapter completely eliminates wifi radiation by hardwiring the Internet connection.

How to use

  • One side of the adapter is connected to the iPad charging port below the Home button, called the ‘Lightning’ port (see image).
  • Then you connect a LAN cable between the other side of the adapter and a LAN port of your router.
  • In this way you have a completely radiation free internet connection to your iPad.

Did you know that: A shielding case for the iPad in many cases does not actually reduce wifi radiation when measured, because most of the wifi radiation is emitted from the iPad towards the screen side.

  • PLUG and PLAY : No need any software drivers or USB power adapter. Only a router-connected standard Ethernet cable is needed.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Iphone hardwired!
    The Ethernet plug for the iphone works perfectly. Battery runs out a little faster, but that’s a price we are willing to pay for a radiation-free world.

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