Hirschmann INCA 1Gbps Internet over Coax Adapter

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The Hirschmann INCA 1Gbps Internet over Coax network adapter transmits the Internet signal over the existing coaxial TV cable in your house. This is entirely without electromagnetic emissions because coaxial cabling is shielded. You can have access to hardwired high-speed internet throughout your house without the need for new wiring!

  • Do you have existing television coaxial cables in your house? Then there is no need for new LAN wiring!
  • Stable, robust and ultra-fast 1 Gbps network, very suitable for streaming HD video, low-latency applications etc.
  • Easy to install.

You need at least 2 adapters. Network can be extended with 3rd, 4th adapter and so on.

Power supply via USB.

The INCA 1Gbps is equipped with the newest global standard MoCA chip: the fastest and most reliable in hardwired network technology today.

For customers from outside Europe: because connectors may be different, we recommend that you purchase a MoCA Ethernet to coax adapter locally. Buy it on Amazon

A MoCA adapter is not a replacement for your Internet provider modem.