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JRS Eco 01A on Asus JRS Eco 100 D1 on Asus JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus
Full Eco Zero Emission stand-by mode -
90% reduced beacon pulse frequency
Fine adjustment of range with 1 milliwatt step size
Wifi time-switch - Set times when wifi automatically switches off 100%, e.g. at night
On/off switch for wifi transmitter - cabled LAN ports keep functioning -
Dual band (extra channels at 5 Gigahertz) -
AC wifi for super high speed -
Max. throughput speed on 2.4 GHz wifi network measured with 25 Mbps 150 Mbps 150 Mbps
Max. throughput speed on 5 GHz wifi network measured with - 400 Mbps 400 Mbps
Speed for normal internet usage (browsing websites) +++ +++ +++
Range and number of external antennas ++ (2) +++ (3) +++ (3)
Detachable antennas -
Asus router type RT-N12 RT-AC66U B1 RT-AC68U
Firewall and WPA2-security with password
Gigabit ethernet LAN ports -
Two USB ports for sharing USB storage and print server -
VPN client and server
Guest networks