iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter, Apple certified


Set up a wired Internet connection on your iPad® or iPhone® over a standard LAN Ethernet cable. This Belkin / Apple adapter provides a technically measurable elimination of electromagnetic radiation from wifi and cellular connections.

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  • Super stable 180 Mbps connection, no more wifi connection drops.
  • Compatible with any iPad and iPhone with standard ‘Lightning’ charging connector.
  • Apple MFi-certified (‘Made for iPad/iPhone’).

Wifi is two-way traffic. For each bit of data sent from the wifi router, a confirmation is sent back by the iPad or iPhone. Wifi radiation coming from the iPad and iPhone is strong and the device is held very close to the body. Especially with data intensive applications like video, the wifi radiation is very high. This adapter completely eliminates wifi radiation by hardwiring the Internet connection. You can put your iPhone or iPad in Airplane mode with wifi turned off and still surf the Internet and use apps that require an Internet connection.

Did you know that: A shielding case for the iPad in many cases does not actually reduce wifi radiation when measured, because most of the wifi radiation is emitted from the iPad towards the screen side.

Latest iPad with USB-C port, or recent Android phone? Then you’ll need the USB-C Ethernet adapter. For older phones with a micro-USB port, you can try the Plugable micro USB adapter (only for selected phones, not on Samsung, LG and Windows Phone). Buy Plugable micro USB adapter on Amazon. (List of suitable phones)

How to use

Connect the iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter to charging port below the Home button, called the ‘Lightning’ port. Then connect a LAN cable from the adapter to a LAN port of your router. Now you have a completely radiation free Internet connection to your iPad or iPhone!

8 reviews for iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter, Apple certified

  1. French
    5 out of 5

    Wouter-Jan van Keulen

    Fortement recommandé, l’Internet’câblé’ et les applications peuvent être utilisés avec l’Iphone 6S très facilement en le connectant via l’adaptateur à un câble Internet. Un excellent choix pour tous ceux qui veulent utiliser des applications mais qui ne veulent pas absorber trop de radiation !

  2. English
    5 out of 5

    Wouter-Jan van Keulen

    Highly recommended, ‘wired’ internet and apps can be used with the Iphone 6S very easily by connecting it via the adapter to an internet cable. A great choice for anyone who wants to use apps but doesn’t want to absorb too much radiation!

  3. German
    5 out of 5

    Wouter-Jan van Keulen

    Sehr empfehlenswert, ” verkabeltes ” Internet und Apps können mit dem Iphone 6S sehr einfach verwendet werden, indem man es über den Adapter mit einem Internetkabel verbindet. Eine gute Wahl für jeden, der Apps verwenden möchte, aber nicht zu viel Strahlung absorbieren möchte!

  4. Dutch
    5 out of 5

    Wouter-Jan van Keulen

    Zeer aan te raden, ‘bedraad’ internetten en apps gebruiken met de Iphone 6S kan heel eenvoudig door deze via de adapter aan een internetkabel en oplaadkabel te koppelen. Een prima keuze voor iedereen die wel apps wil gebruiken, maar niet teveel straling wil absorberen!

  5. German
    5 out of 5

    Juglen Zwaan (verified owner)

    Iphone verkabelt!
    Der Ethernet-Stecker für das iPhone funktioniert perfekt.

  6. French
    5 out of 5

    Juglen Zwaan (verified owner)

    Iphone câblé !
    La prise Ethernet pour l’iphone fonctionne parfaitement. La batterie s’épuise un peu plus rapidement, mais c’est quelque chose que nous aimerions transmettre à un monde sans radiations.

  7. English
    5 out of 5

    Juglen (verified owner)

    Iphone hardwired!
    The Ethernet plug for the iphone works perfectly.

  8. Dutch
    5 out of 5

    Juglen Zwaan (verified owner)

    Iphone bedraad!
    De ethernet-plug voor de iphone werkt perfecto.

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Technical specifications

  • LAN/ETHERNET: Stable high speed Ethernet connection at 180 Megabits per second for surfing the Internet. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the Internet through hardwired LAN.
  • CHARGING FUNCTION: Charge your iPhone/iPad via the charging connector (max. 12W) or via Power over Ethernet (PoE, max. 10W).
  • DIMENSIONS: 53 x 22 x 60 mm.
  • PLUG and PLAY: No need to install any software drivers. Original Apple / Belkin certified product. Firmware updates available through Belkin Connect app.


The adapter always provides an internet connection, whether or not it is connected to a charger. Through the adapter’s charging port you can charge your iPad/iPhone by connecting your Apple charger. As an alternative charging method, the Hardwired adapter also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) if you connect a PoE injector to the other end of the Ethernet cable.

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When a non-grounded charger or router is connected, this will produce a high electric field that is conducted to the iPhone or iPad. You can solve this by grounding, which can be done as follows, depending on your charging method:

  1. Apple charger (10W or 12W USB): Slide off the charger plug and replace it by a grounded Apple charger cable (UK version).
  2. PoE injector: Use a grounded PoE injector (see above). This must be connected to the adapter via a shielded FTP cable. Only the combination will bring the electric field to zero.