Our Eco routers are compatible with any provider and Internet modem/router. This is how it works. You connect the Eco router to a LAN port on your Internet modem/router, using the included network cable. The Internet modem/router is the box you received from your provider.

Explainer video
Explainer video

You need to retain your Internet modem/router, because it provides the conversion of the Internet signal to ADSL, cable or fiber, the specifics of which depend on your Internet provider. If your Internet modem/router has built-in wifi, this needs to turned off in order to minimize wifi radiation.

How can I turn off the built-in wifi of my Internet modem/router?

On some modems/routers you can simply turn off the wifi with a switch on your modem, or login to a settings menu. If you don’t know how, call your provider’s customer service and ask them for help. Some modems/routers of Internet providers also transmit a public wifi network which also needs to be switched off.

About turning off the built-in wifi of your Internet modem/router: There are two ways you can get Internet from your provider’s modem. One is via wifi. The other is via Ethernet, it’s also called hardwired. Now we use the hardwired connection to go from your Internet modem to the Eco router, and then have the Eco router emit the Internet signal via its low radiation wifi. If you would leave the built-in wifi of your Internet modem active, you would have two wifi signals. And we want only one: the low radiation one. That’s why you need to have the built-in wifi of your Internet modem turned off.

For Starlink, see here.

For AT&T, see here.

If you want to replace your Internet modem/router, you will need to consult with your Internet provider. All Internet modems/routers work together with the Eco router, so that’s not an issue. But the issue is that you need a modem/router that is compatible with your provider. For example a modem/router for a cable connection is different than for a fiber connection. If you have cable you could look at the Arris Surfboard series. In any case you will need to make specific settings that you need to obtain from your provider, to make it work with their Internet connection, so please check with your provider first. That’s why we recommend keeping your Internet modem/router and turning off its built-in wifi because that’s the easiest approach.

The exact way to connect the Eco router to your Internet modem/router is shown in our installation video.