Connect your device to the Asus router either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable plugged into one of the four LAN ports. Enter in the address bar of your browser, log in to the Asus settings menu and hover over the network icon in the right top. The screen should show ‘WAN-connected’. If it doesn’t, please follow the procedure below.

Solution 1: First, please check whether the connection between the Eco router and the Internet modem is properly made. The Ethernet cable should run from the blue WAN port of the Eco router to a port labeled ‘LAN’ on your Internet modem, preferably port no. 1. See the installation video.

Solution 2: Your Internet modem may be configured in so-called Bridge Mode. A router or other device you connect to its LAN port is then directly connected to the provider’s network. Usually only one unique device (MAC address) is allowed to be connected to the provider’s network. When this place has been taken by the previous setup, the network needs to be reset. Unplug all Ethernet cables from your modem and turn off your Internet modem for a full five minutes. Then turn it back on, wait until it has finished starting up and then reconnect the Eco router to LAN port 1 of the Internet modem. You may also contact your Internet provider’s customer service for assistance.

Solution 3: Go to WAN settings in the router settings menu via Set WAN Connection Type to Automatic IP and click on Apply. Then go to LAN settings. Set the LAN address to Click on Apply.