Doctors in Germany protest against 5G

Source: Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Foto: Lichtgut/Leif Piechowski

On Wednesday afternoon doctors demonstrated against 5G, in front of the State Department in Stuttgart. “We demand prevention strategies to protect the population, further research and a moratorium on the expansion of 5G,” says Cornelia Mästle, physician for internal medicine and cardiology from Winterbach.

“We have more and more patients in our practices who are hypersensitive to electrosmog,” says Jörg Schmid, psychiatry and psychotherapy specialist in Stuttgart. The clinical images range from headaches, tinnitus, and concentration problems to cardiac arrhythmias. And even though a direct link between electromagnetic radiation and cancer has not yet been established, there are already many scientifically substantiated indications of the cancer-promoting effect of radiation. Mästle demanded that 5G should not be deployed until it has been proven to be harmless.


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