Film: Ubiquity, what does it take to disconnect?

Film: Ubiquity, what does it take to disconnect?

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Source: Baldr Film (with trailer) – Translated by JRS

The internet is closing ever more around us, with the ultimate goal of reaching everyone, anywhere, anytime. But some people cannot tolerate the radiation from wireless networks and feel the invisible pulses in their bodies. The brilliant Swedish engineer Per Segerback was at the cradle of Ericsson’s smartphone. Now he has been living in the woods for 18 years, because he fell ill from the radiation. Asaka in Japan and Anouk in the Netherlands also suffer from the radiation from the invisible network of cell towers, smartphones and wireless devices. Is there still room for them on this planet when – soon with 5G and beyond – everything and everyone will be connected by the wireless web?

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The internet is closing in on us to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some people cannot stand the electromagnetic radiation from the wireless networks that surround us. They feel the pulse of the wireless world on their bodies. Are they the canaries in the coal mine?writer and director BREGTJE VAN DER HAAK director of photography JEAN COUNET MAASJA OOMS sound RIK MEIER SAM HUISMAN TIM VAN PEPPEN MARK WESSNER editor XANDER NIJSTEN sound designer VINCENT SINCERETTI composer JUHO NURMELA research WIESJE KUIJPERS commissioning editor BARBARA TRUYEN, VPRO co-producer HANNE PHLYPO, Clin d'oeil films producers KATJA DRAAIJER FRANK HOEVE, BALDR Film© 2018 BALDR Film / VPRO / Clin d'oeil films

The film Ubiquity was shown during the Filmfestival in Utrecht and in a number of Dutch cinemas.

For more info about the film see (in Dutch).

Read more about Per Segerback in this Popular Science article: The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves

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