How cell phone radiation and wifi can harm you – written by a physicist whose own health was damaged

“Saying that RF radiation from wireless communication cannot do any harm because it is non ionising – the individual photon energy is not large enough – is the same as saying that a tsunami cannot cause any harm because the individual water molecules don’t have enough energy.”

Leendert Vriens, PhD - Physicist

Physicist Leendert Vriens, PhD, who worked for 30 years at Philips Natlab, the world renowned physics research laboratory, explains how radio frequency radiation from wireless devices can harm your health.

Weak electromagnetic fields from high voltage lines, domestic appliances, and radio-frequency radiation from wireless communication devices can induce biological effects in our body while the much stronger natural electromagnetic radiation such as from the sun cannot.

  1. Man made electromagnetic fields yield macroscopic field strengths, while the field strength of natural radiation is zero at all frequencies
  2. Man made electromagnetic fields penetrate into our body and are largely absorbed there, while most of the natural radiation from the sun does not penetrate through our skin.

Read the full whitepaper here: On the Difference Between Man Made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields / Radiation, in Regard to Biological Activity.

Man made EMF induce currents, resonant interactions and interferences, involving charged and polar particles and surfaces and magnetic particles, in our body. These interactions and the absorption can lead to harmful biological processes and interfere with biological processes.

Natural radiation, although having a much higher intensity, does not have any effect inside. Most of it does not penetrate our skin and the part that does has zero field strength and therefore does not exert any force.

Read the story on how wireless phones damaged Leendert Vriens’ health here (in Dutch).

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